2019 Camp Card Reservations
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*Unit Type
*Unit #
*# of Selling Scouts/Explorers
*Unit Sales Goal:
(Number of cards)
*How many Camp Cards would you like to order?
Please order in increments of 20.
*Will unit use camp cards for Summer Camp credit?
This is for resident summer camp only at Broad Creek. District Day Camps do not qualify.
*Unit Camp Card Chair First Name
*Unit Camp Card Chair Last Name
*Unit Camp Card Chair Daytime Phone #
*Unit Camp Card Chair Cell Phone #
*Unit Camp Card Chair E-mail
What is the date of your Unit's Camp Card Kick-off event?
Would you like help with your Camp Card Kick-off event from a District volunteer?
*How many people from your unit will attend the District Camp Card Kick-off event?
This will be your first opportunity to pick up 2019 Camp Cards!!!
I recognize that each card has a cash value of $5. There is no risk to our unit as long as all unsold cards are returned to the Council by May 18, 2019. By agreeing below, I recognize that our unit will be charged $2.50 for every unreturned card. Cards must be returned in sellable condition.