DCS 501 / DOC 604A
Selecting Your Project or Thesis
This course will introduce you to the concept of a thesis or project and will provide an overview of the application and doctoral degree process.  Required for Doctoral Degree.
DCS 502
Limiting the Scope of the Topic
This course will provide you with ideas on reducing your thesis/project topic to a workable size.  The course will also help you get ideas for your thesis or project research. Not required for Doctoral Degree, but very helpful.
DCS 503 / DOC 605A
Developing Your Project or Thesis
This course will cover developing your thesis/project outline and provide you with a variety of suggestions for researching, writing and revising your thesis or project.  Required for Doctoral Degree. 
DCS 504
Thesis Project Workshop (Panel)
This is a panel workshop hosted by scouters who have already completed their doctorate.  The panel will provide insights into working on a thesis; answer any questions you have; and help you get started on or complete your thesis/project.  Not required for Doctoral Degree, but very helpful.
DCS 512
Commissioner Recruiting Workshop
This session is designed to discuss best practices for recruiting administrative commissioners, including creating a team to recruit Commissioners, developing  a recruitment strategy and how to reach out to recruiting prospects.  
DCS 514
Building Meaningful Relationships 
Commissioner service is all about relationships.  This session suggests ways in which commissioners may go about building and maintaining positive relationships with those they serve.  It also discusses possible pitfalls that can be undermine relationships.  
DCS 516
Succeeding with the Unit Service Plan
This program will give you guidance on providing unit assistance using the service plan developed for the unit.  The course will also discuss the types of data needed to determine unit success across the district.
DOC 614
Doctoral Counseling
This is an individualized session to help you narrow down and finalize your thesis/project proposal, obtain approval of your proposal, and develop a quick outline.  You will be assigned a Thesis Advisor at this session.  Required for Doctoral Degree. 
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