2018 Harford District Icicle

2018 Harford District Icicle
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3799 Peach Orchard Road
Whiteford, MD 21154, US
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January 26-28, 2018 at Camp Spencer


  1. PREAKNESS                                       Horseshoes
  2. MOORE’S MILL                                Morse Code
  3. BWI                                                    Paper airplanes
  4. WALTERS ART GALLERY                 Pictionary
  5. RAVENS                                             Football
  6. ORIOLES                                            Baseball
  7. DUCKPINS                                         Bowling
  8. BLAST                                                 Soccer
  9. MA & PA TRAIL                                Hiking
  10. STATE SPORT                                    Jousting
  11. SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND                Obstacle Course
  12. SHOT TOWER                                   Stacking Coins
  13. SHOCK TRAUMA                              First Aid
  14. MYERHOFF                                        Charades
  15. ROCKETS RED GLARE                      Fire Building


  1. BAY BRDIGE                                      Trestle Building
  2. TIE-DINGS PARK                               Knots
  3. APPALACIAN TRAIL                         Wilderness Survival
  4. CONCORD POINT LIGHTHOUSE   Electric Circuit
  5. MARY PICKERGILL                           Sewing


  1. LITTLE ITALY                                     Cook-off

      This year’s Operation Icicle celebrates Maryland, it’s landmarks, history and heritage. This year’s patch includes the Maryland flag and Concord Point Lighthouse. Thanks to the survey last year we’re bringing back scout favorites, and adding demonstration stations where scouts can learn skills and points are still earned for attending.

     Costs stay the same as last year (a scout is thrifty): $10 per person.

     Sign-ups will start at the October Roundtable and more information will be provided. We also welcome suggestions for Maryland oriented stations you’d like to see.

If you have any questions, contact Program Director: Michael Pilachowski

Email: michaelcamp751@yahoo.com

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