Equipment can be borrowed or rented from Reservation Headquarters. Some of the equipment available is:

  • Tents or tarps ($2.00 per day)
  • Cot ($1.00 per day)
  • Set-up with 3-weeks notice ($5.00 per item)
  • Pioneering and log sawing equipment
  • Limited Patrol and Unit cooking equipment
  • Canoes, kayaks or rowboats may be rented for use on Lake Straus or on rivers near Broad Creek ($15 per day per item). Units must provide current BSA safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat certification or equivalent. 
    Prior reservations are required. 

2019 BS Summer Camp

2019 CS Summer Camp

2018 Calendar:

Sept 4 - Camp Opens for Weekend Camp

Sept 28-30 - 70th Anniversary Camporall

Sept 29 - Broad Creek 5K

Nov 23-25 - Camp Closed - Thanksgiving

Dec 21-23 - Camp Closed - Christmas

Dec 29 - Camp Closed - Jingle Bell Beaver Day