The Council-wide Popcorn Sale represents a money-earning opportunity that benefits the Scout, the unit, and the Baltimore Area Council alike.  While units can fund all or part of their yearly programs with a single popcorn sale, some units empower Scouts with the ability to earn their way to outdoor adventures.  These Scouts accomplish personal goals to fully fund their summer camping experience.  To officially sign up for the 2016 sale, please complete the form below!  Join us in making 2016 a great Popcorn Sale! 

August 1st – Online Sales Start

August – Supplemental Trainings not including Michael Beck Seminar

August 20th – Supplemental Training- Calvary United Methodist Church

August 24th– Supplemental Training- Jewish Community Center- Baltimore

August 25th – Supplemental Training- ORSA Corporation

August 26th – First Order (Show and Sell) Due to Camp Masters' Web site including Chocolate Orde

September 14th – Product Delivery to Warehouses excluding Chocolate Product

September 16th - 17th – Product Distribution to Units / Prize Declaration to BAC

October 5th – Chocolate Product Delivery

October 7th - 9th – Chocolate Product Distribution

October 21st - 23rd – Product Returns

October 24th – Second Order (Take Order) Due to Camp Masters' Web site / Final Deadline for Unit to Unit Transfer Forms

October 31st – Online Ordering Ends

November 4th - 8th – Unit Invoices Generated  

November 9th – Product Delivery to Warehouses

November 11th - 12th – Product Distribution to Units / Payment Due

November 17th – Final Prize Order Due


Thank you to all of the units that were able to join us for our August 6th and August 16th Tradeshows!

Additional Supplemental Training Opportunities are available just around the corner. 

Saturday, August 20th

10:00 A.M.

Calvary United Methodist Church

403 S Main St,

Mt. Airy MD 21771


Wednesday, August 24th

7:00 P.M.

Jewish Community Center Baltimore

3506 Gwynnbrook Ave, 

Owings Mills, MD 21117


Thursday, August 25th 

7:00 P.M.

ORSA Corporation

1003 Old Philadelphia Road, 

Aberdeen MD 21001


Our 2016 BAC Popcorn Tradeshows were a huge success with almost 200 units joining us throughout the council.  If you were unable to attend on August 6th or the 16th, it’s not too late. Please come out to one of our Supplemental Popcorn Trainings listed above.  No registration needed, we look forward to seeing you there. These trainings will earn your unit a 3% bonus commission for being trained.


Units can earn up to 39% of their total sales

Base Commission = 25%

+3% BONUS Commission for Attending a Popcorn Tradeshow/Training 

+2% BONUS Commission for Attending a Michael Beck Seminar ***

+5% BONUS Commission for submitting your final payment on time

+4% BONUS Commission for declining use of Prize Incentive Program

***Units that sold in 2015 and had an increase in total unit sales from 2014 to 2015 will automatically earn the 2% bonus commission. However all units are still encouraged to attend.  

  • Set a sales goal for your unit and for each den or patrol. Most important step a unit can do. Base the goal on your actual budget needs.
  • Communicate the units plan to assist leaders and committee members and together, determine a sales goal or each Scout, based on the unit’s goal.
  • Conduct a “fun-filled’ kick-off event for Scouts and their parents.
  • Emphasize what the Scouts will receive for hitting their goal.
  • Provide a letter to the parents that clearly spells out:
    • the purpose of the sale.
    • How the money raised will be used.
    • And what the “per-Scout goal” is
  • Consider using some of the unit’s commission to offer additional incentives that your Scouts really want.
  • Encourage ALL your Scouts to go out and sell! 67% of people will buy when asked and less than 30% of the public is asked.
  • Sell to friends, family members, neighbors, etc.
  • Take the “Take order form” to work.
  • Have a victory celebration!

Show and Sell Order Due Reminder

This is a reminder that all Show and Sell orders are due on the CampMasters’ system by end of day on Friday, August 26th, 2016.


For those who have not logged in, or may be having trouble logging in, please see below.

CampMasters’ Unit Login Information:

1. Go to

2. In the lower left corner, select "Council & Unit Ordering"

3. Select Baltimore Area Council.  Username is (ex.) P123, T123, C123, etc., using P for Pack , T for Troop or C for Crew, followed by YOUR unit #.  Initial password is "hello".  You will be prompted to change that after the first time logging in.

Before you can submit your unit order, you will have to click “Commit” to the 2016 sale.  Once you place your order, you will be able to submit it and get confirmation

Remember August 26, 2016 is the deadline for submitting Show & Sell orders to the CampMasters’ website.  Contact your District Kernel for last year’s sales numbers for your unit and remember to factor in the 10% return limit when placing this year’s Show & Sell order.

If you get an error message, e-mail with all of your pertinent information (Name, District, Unit Type & #, and the error message) and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

If you need assistance in compiling or placing your Show & Sell order, please reach out to your District Popcorn Kernel.  It is suggested, primarily because of this year’s 10% return limit, that you order modestly on your Show & Sell order.  If you need assistance with an order projection; please check out our Product Mix Show and Sell Unit Projection Sheet available at



District Kernel

BAC Staff

BAC Kernel

Bev Madden

Andy Zilnik

Casey Snyder


Susan Keeney

Kelly Di Fede


Kelli Geist

Andrew Bresson


Denise Umphlett

Tyler Korpisz


Jaime Lutz

Cory Bolt

Four Rivers

Bev Madden




Brandon Gething


Scott Murphy

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National Pike

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Brendan Canale

RF Lewis

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The Capitol

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