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2016 Volunteer Recognition Award Banquet

Thursday - April 21, 2016

La Fontaine Bleue

7514 Ritchie Hwy

Glen Burnie, MD 21061

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2016 Insurance Fee Change
Effective immediately, the Insurance fees in the Boy Scouts of America are now required for every registrant in the BSA and will be on a pro-rated basis similar to the Registration fees and Boys' Life. Insurance fees will be $4 a year and will be prorated. Please see the attached Chart and please keep these fees in mind when submitting new applications. If you have any questions, please contact District Executive Brandon Gething at 'BGething@BaltimoreBSA.Org'

Please visit the following link to see more: Membership Fee/Boys Life/Insurance Chart.  


Important Announcement regarding Youth Protection and Recharter:

For Recharter 2016, Baltimore Area Council will be 100% Youth Protection Trained for Recharter. Please take a look on my.scouting.org for your current list of people who are not Youth Protection Trained. We will not be accepting Charters this year unless 100% of your Adult registrants are Youth Protection Trained with an expire date of 2015 or 2016. More information on this will be explained at Roundtables. For now, please take a look and start getting people up to date.  Please contact Brandon Gething for additional information



http://www.centralgeorgiacouncil.org/orgheaders/1143/youth20protection20logo.pngIMPORTANT YOUTH PROTECTION POLICY UPDATE


To All Registered Adult Volunteers of the Boy Scouts of America,


To ensure that the protection of our youth remains paramount in everything we do, the Baltimore Area Council is asking for 100% of our registered adults to be Youth Protection Trained. 

Phase I Implementation:  Approved August 2014

In the fall of 2014, new registered adults needed to be Youth Protection Trained to register with a unit and current registered adults must have been current with YPT to re-charter with their unit.  This will remain unchanged.

Phase II Implementation:  Approved March 2015

Effective with the upcoming re-charter period in December, 2015, Youth Protection Training (YPT) for leaders must be current throughout the entire 12 months of the charter period in order to reregister. This new policy will require all leaders to renew their Youth Protection Training annually.  The training can be completed at any point during the year to qualify to re-charter for the following year. 

As re-charters begin to post on January 1st, 2016, adults who are not current with YPT or who will expire during the 12 month charter period will not be registered. 

As you are probably aware, this training is a membership requirement for all BSA registered adults. To prevent problems at re-charter time, please have everyone in the unit review and completed needed training before the end of October.  As April is Youth Protection month, having individuals annually renew their training in April or on their birthday may be a way to ensure that their training is taken each year and never be on the list of pending expirations.


The BSA Youth Protection Plan is recognized as an example to follow in the youth serving industry. As adult leaders, we must be diligent, vigilant and aware of the National policy and plan to protect our youth. There are 15 Barriers to Abuse that were developed primarily for the protection of BSA youth. Ask yourself how many you know by heart or could write down. Being familiar with these barriers and the things to look for is important. An annual reminder can only help us keep our protection awareness sharp.

This annual renewal policy should reduce, or eliminate, time and effort by volunteers and staff to manage the process of assuring that all of our leaders are current in their Youth Protection training.

It might seem that this change in policy is a hardship. We know that your time is valuable. Spending 30-40 minutes annually may help insure our Scouts are safer. How can that not be time well spent?

You can take Youth Protection Training and print your certificate online at www.myscouting.org or contact your Unit Leader, District Executive, or Training Chairperson.  Please have your Membership ID# available so that the training matches your profile.  If you are a new adult and haven’t yet received an ID#, take the training, but please review your profile at a later date once an ID# has been issued.  Turn in your certificate of completion to your Unit Leader and District Executive to ensure recording has occurred.

Please note that there are two Youth Protection Trainings; one for adults who work with Cub/Boy Scouts, and one for adults who work with Venturers.  If an adult volunteer is registered in both categories, they must take both Youth Protection Trainings.

Training does not prevent a person from abusing kids.  Training helps the rest of us to eliminate their opportunities to abuse kids. 

YOUth Protection, it begins with you!


For more information or questions please contact the Scout Service Center

at 443-573-2500 or by email at scouting@baltimorebsa.org

Yours in Scouting,

Trey Shupert                    Charlie Skinner              Paul Madden     Mike Parrish      Jack Simons

VP, District Operations    VP, Risk Management   VP, Program    ACC, YPT         Chair, Training



2016 Journey to Excellence

To All Units,

Make sure you completed your Units 2016 Journey to Excellence

Journey to Excellence Requirements

Click Here for the 2016 JTE Scorecards




Nominations are now being accepted for the recognition of Adult Volunteers of Harford District Boy Scouts of America.

The presentations may include:

Cub Scouter of the Year, Boy Scouter of the Year, Venturer of the Year, Commissioner of the Year, Trainer of the Year, Kendall Family Award and the District Award of Merit 


To nominate someone or family for an award please download, print and submit form with background materials to Awards committee by May 2, 2016.

Send to:  Steve Kilczewski 1207 Hall’s Chance Lane Belcamp MD 21017-1309

e-mail to: SMKILCZ@aol.com

Click to download the Adult Recognition Nomination Form (PDF)

Click to download the District Award of Merit Nomination Form

Awards will be presented at the Harford District Adult Volunteer Dinner on Monday June 13, 2016

Join us! 
2016 Harford District Recognition Dinner 
Monday June 13th, 2016: 7p.m. 

Come celebrate the accomplishments of our District Scouters at the 2016 District Recognition held at the beautiful 'Waters Edge Events Center' in BelCamp, MD. We will be honoring our adult leaders, 2015 Eagle Scouts, and enjoying each others company throughout the evening.

Please visit www.baltimorebsa.org/harforddistrictdinner to register today! 

We will be honoring:
  • Eagle Class of 2015
  • Scouter of the Year 
  • Order of the Arrow 
  • Trainer of the Year 
  • Kendall Family Award
  • Outstanding Unit Leaders 
  • Commissioner of the Year 
  • District Award of Merit 
Click here to register for the District Dinner!

2015 -2016 Outstanding Unit Scouter Awards

Fellow Scouters in Harford District,

Harford District is very proud of their adult leaders in the Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Venture Scout programs. This pride is a result of the hundreds of adult volunteers willing to spend countless hours of personal time with a boy or a group of boys, to spark an imagination, to instill a commitment to the ideals of scouting, and to give something to the youth that will give him skill or an experience that he may not have enjoyed if he was not in scouting…..

Each year every Unit in Harford District is eligible to select one of their adult leaders for the Outstanding Unit Scouter Award.

It’s time to recognize the outstanding leaders in your Unit. I am sure you have one in your Unit. This nomination effort does not take a lot of time and the results are worth the time it takes. It’s important to say “thanks” every once in a while to the people that devote their many talents to Unit level activities.

Please consider getting with your Unit to nominate one of your leaders for this award. You will receive the award which can be framed and presented by either a District representative or someone in the Unit. An example of the award is attached in this package as well as an example of the statement of service.

I know several Units have nominated someone within their Unit for many years and it has become sort of a tradition. Please keep up the good work of recognizing your Leaders.

Yours in Scouting,

Mike Baldwin

OUS Award Coordinator

Harford District, BSA

The Outstanding Unit Scouter Award is presented by a District representative to unit-level Scouters, upon approval by the unit commissioner, for outstanding service to boys through unit activities over a sustained period of time. Each chartered unit in the District may receive one award per year for candidates who meet the following qualifications:

  1. The candidate must have been a registered, trained member of the unit in any position or combination of positions, except Scoutmaster, for at least 24 months prior to the award nomination date. (A Scoutmaster can be recognized by the Distinguished Scoutmaster Award of Merit)
  2. The candidate must not have been recognized with an OUSA in the previous three years.
  3. The service should have had a significant impact on the ability to provide the Scouting program to boys within the unit.
  4. The service should have been rendered over a sustained period of time, not just for a single event or activity.
  5. The service should not have been in support of a District-level activity, such as a Camporee or Activity Day. (That service is recognized by the District Award of Merit when it is appropriate)
  6. While each unit may receive one award per year, there is no obligation to submit a nomination if there are no qualified and deserving candidates.

Nominations will be prepared by the unit committee or by individual members of the committee of the unit and approved by the unit commissioner.

These awards will normally be presented at the Blue and Gold Banquet or Court of Honor or another significant event the unit has planned

Please click to download the Outstanding Unit Scouter Award Nomination form


BSA Tour Plan

Click Link to the New BSA Tour Plan

Adult Background Checks


National BSA is updating its policy on Adult Background Checks

Please review this policy by

Clicking this link BSA Adult Volunteer Background Checks (PDF document)

BSA Medical Forms

Click Link to the New BSA Medical Forms

Guide to Safe Scouting

Click Link to the New BSA Guide to Safe Scouting

Extreme Weather Closing Policy

During extreme weather events that effect the region especially during the winter the Harford District will follow the schedule of the Harford County School System.

This is being done so staff and volunteers will know what the schedule will be.

If Harford County schools close early so will the District event.

This policy affects most District events. All camping events, such as Camporee, will be held as scheduled unless a special announcement has been made.

In this case every attempt will be made to contact the Unit Leader and be posted on the Web site.

Broad Creek Scout Reservation rarely closes as so many of our campers seek a winter camping experience.

To check on the Broad Creek schedule you should call the Broad Creek phone 410-879-4922 and the voice message will let you know of any camp schedule changes or call


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