Webelos Week

Webelos Week is our Week-long, Sunday through Friday experience.  It is open to Webelos I and II (current Bears and Web I).  Webelos Week is a truly memorable experience for the Webelos that get to experience it.  The Scouts will make many new friends, have lots of time to spend with the staff and in program, and will truly leave filled with Scouting Spirit.  Many campers (kids and parents alike) say Webelos Week is "life changing" or the "best week they've ever had."  Webelos Week is more than just the traditional experience for twice the time, it has many unique opportunities of its own.  Some of the differences between Webelos Week and regular sessions include:

  • Extended Project MOOSE - more activities, including a dinner outpost
  • More free time - LOTS more!
  • More Advancement Opportunities - earn lots of badges and other awards to get a head start on the new year
  • Best preparation for Scouts BSA - camp is structured similar to Scouts BSA Camp with advancement periods, free time, and a week-long experience
  • Leadership - One adult is responsible for their own child(ren) plus ONLY one additional Scout.  For example if a parent has two Scouts, they can then be responsible for one additional Scout - a total of three Scouts.




1929 Susquehanna Hall Road
Whiteford MD 21160