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Chiefly Speaking

My Fellow Arrowmen,

To begin, I am extremely excited and humbled to be given the opportunity to be your Lodge Chief in 2020. As your chief, I will make the most of this opportunity by continuing the traditions of past chiefs and working everyday to guide improvement in all aspects.

We have a lot in front of us this year, from running Inductions Weekends to sending a contingent to NOAC. Along with this, we are also quickly approaching our Lodge’s 100th year anniversary and to better prepare ourselves, it is vital that we first reflect.

And through reflection I see immense potential in every member of this Lodge. A potential that was shown last year when we were able to grow membership regardless of national trends. It is with this potential that we have the ability to incredible things again this year; however, they will not be easy. In order to thrive, we must continue to work hard.

Therefore, I challenge every member of this Lodge to reaffirm themselves with the core principles of the Order of the Arrow. In doing this, we will thrive through the cheerful service we give others. Let the great things we accomplish this year not be attributed to a single Arrowman, but to our Brotherhood.

William Brooks
2020-2021 Lodge Chief