Arrowhead District Boy Scout Roundtable

2015 - 2016


Boy Scout Roundtable Topics


Seesion Topic(s)

Introduction to Scoutbook tracking program.

Supporting the Patrol Method.

Dec. 14*

Open forum, Unit Commissioners and Scoutmaster Summit.

Tracking Journey to Excellence.

How to get older Scouts and new Scouts to work together.

Two Open forums:

1. Review of Summer and Weekend camp experiences.

2. Internet resources for Scouters.

Developing Leadership Training within the troop.

Supporting Religious awards within you troop.


*Youth Protection training can be given at the December Roundtable, If there is a demand for it.
Any questions or comments for Boy Scout Roundtable, contact Bob Auburger at or by cell (410-292-3578).

Cub Scout Roundtable Topics


Seesion Topic(s)

Resources for New Leaders (Including Online Training)

Dec. 14

Managing Disabilities in your Den/Pack

Weboree Overview

Cyber Chip

Religious Awards


Webelos Program


Any questions oR comments for Cub Scout Roundtable, contact Ray Cardillo at or by phone (410-654-8941).