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FEES: Registration, Insurance & Boys' Life Magazine

Registration Contact Information
(updated 7/24/18)

Main Office
701 Wyman Park Drive
Baltimore, MD 21211
Telephone: 443-573-2513
Fax: 443-573-2613
Kathy Hull, registrar

Registration Fees

All registration fees are pro-rated from a $33.00 fee based on the number of months remaining in a unit’s current charter. Boys’ Life magazine is pro-rated from an annual fee of $12.00. Scouting magazine for leaders is included in the leader's fee. Also included in the leader's fee is a subscription to Baltimore Area Council's Area Scouter tabloid newsletter. The chart below shows the pro-rated fees:

This means that any new member that joins in December of this year will pay $2.75 for the month instead of $2, plus insurance.

$2.75 $5.50 $8.25 $11.00 $13.75 $16.50 $19.25 $22.00 $24.75 $27.50 $30.25 $33.00
Boys' Life ----- $2.00 $3.00 $4.00 $5.00 $6.00 $7.00 $8.00 $9.00 $10.00 $11.00 $12.00

Term is the number of months remaining in your unit charter year, to include the current month, the charter renewal month, and all months in between. Please note that you cannot subscribe to Boys’ Life in the month of a unit’s recharter.

Fees are based on the number of months until the recharter. Most units in a district recharter at the same time (see below).

  • December: Arrowhead, Carroll, Chesapeake, Dulaney, Harford, National Pike, Thurgood Marshall, The Capitol, Four Rivers, Hopkins

Accident Insurance Fees

The $4.00 per person accident insurance fee is $.34 a month. It is paid for all registered leaders and for all registered youth members. 

Insurance  $.34   $.68   $1.02   $1.36   $1.70   $2.04   $2.38   $2.72   $3.06   $3.40   $3.74   $4.00 
Term(months) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Registration Procedures

Be Complete: Remember your unit number, position code, and birth date. Be sure that adult applications include a social security number and are approved by your unit committee chairperson, AND your chartered organization representative (CR) (or Executive Officer/Institution Head). Please ensure that references are provided and the background questions are complete.

Boys’ Life: To receive Boys’ Life, check the BOYS’ LIFE box and include proper fees. Please note that your Boys’ Life magazine usually begins to arrive two months after the initial registration. The subscription will expire two after your unit expiration date if you do not renew the magazine.

Transfers: If you are transferring from one unit to another and you have an unexpired registration certificate, please check the transfer box and attach a copy of your membership card showing the council and unit from which you are transferring. Transfers pay no fee. The council #, unit type, and unit # must be filled in on ALL transfer applications. Position Changes: if you are a volunteer leader who is changing positions within a unit and you are already registered, please submit an adult application with proper approvals. Indicate your new position in the position code box and note your previous position at the bottom of the application. No fee is required, but the APPLICATION IS REQUIRED.

Submitting Applications: Applications can be submitted at the Baltimore Area Council Help Desk located in the Schapiro Scout Service Center, or by mailing the applications to the Schapiro Scout Service Center office. Please include any fees and a note explaining anything that might be out of the ordinary.

Position Codes for Adult Leaders: The following are the position codes for adult leaders:

CR Charted Organization Representative CC Committee Chairman
MC Committee Member SM Scoutmaster
SA Assistant Scoutmaster NL Crew Advisor
NA Crew Associate Advisor SK Skipper
MT Mate VC Varsity Scout Coach
VA Assistant Varsity Scout Coach CM Cubmaster
WL Weblelos Den Leader WA Asst. Webelos Den Leader
DL Den Leader DA Asst. Den Leader
TL Tiger Cub Den Leader PT Pack Trainer

Age Requirements

  • Cub Scouting (a youth program - Dens for Boys and Girls)
    • Lions - Kindergarten
    • Tiger Cubs – first grade or age 7
    • Cub Scouts – second or third grade or age 8 or 9
    • Webelos Scouts – fourth or fifth grade or age 10
      A boy may remain in Cub Scouting until he is 11-1/2 years of age or has completed the fifth grade, whichever comes later.
  • Boy Scouts 
    • Boy Scouts – Age 11 to age 17. A boy may join at 10, provided he has earned the Arrow of Light award.
    • Arrow of Light Award Note: The requirements for the Arrow of Light Award state that a youth must be active in your Webelos den for at least six months since completing the fourth grade (or for at least six months since becoming 10 years old), and earn the Webelos badge. The requirement means that a Webelos Scout may not earn the Arrow of Light award as a fourth grader unless they are at least 10 years old.
  • Varsity Scouts – 14 years of age or a graduate of the eighth grade and not yet 18  
  • Exploring and Venturing (a co-ed program)
    • Venturers – 14-21 years of age (or 13 and completed the 8th grade)