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Resources that will come to you

Eco Adventures

Calling all troop leaders! Trek on out to EcoAdventures for your next scout meeting or they can bring the fun to you! Scout enrichment programs include an interactive presentation with live animals and bio facts. Trek outdoors and explore the Severn Run Wildlife area.  1,700 acres of pristine wilderness ready to be admired and appreciated by young conservationists.  Additional programs include the turtle research project at Kinder Farm Park when available. 
Popular themes include:  Jungle Safari, Creepy Crawlies, Animal Rescue, Animal Training and Enrichment, Wildlife, Research, and Zoo Careers,  Backyards in the Bay, Earth Day, Turtle-tacular!, Fossil dig, Reptiles and Amphibians, Research hands-on lab: What do gators eat in the wild?  
Eco Adventures will customize programs to fit your merit badge requirements! Please call (410) 987-1300 or email us for more information on customizable merit badge experiences and available program dates at

Eric Energy 

You may choose science show programs designed for grade levels Pre-K to middle school. The wide range of educational topics includes air, matter, sound, electricity and more! A well-trained "wacky" scientist will be your instructor. Volunteers from the audience will be used effectively throughout the show. Kids will be engaged for the entire presentation and chant I LOVE SCIENCE when it is over.

Age appropriate science shows can be performed for wide-ranging age groups. Smaller science shows can be done and focus in on a specific age or topic. 

Gold Panning  

With local, historical photos, location information and displays of real Maryland Gold, the Central Maryland Chapter of the Gold Prospectors Association of America help to educate the general public about the age old joys of prospecting the mineral resources right under their feet. Everything comes from something and that something is the Earth. Introducing children to prospecting and rock hounding offers an interesting, educational  platform to teach them about minerals, natural resources, conservation and much, much more.  
The things around us that aren't grown, are usually mined and it all began with discovery through prospecting.  Imagine the discoveries you can make with your child while exploring the great outdoors, right in your own neighborhood. 

Mad Science

Highly interactive science demonstrations such as chemical reactions, bubbling potions and even an air pressure powered hovercraft! Action-packed – Assemblies can range from 30-60 minutes. Grade appropriate – Each presentation is tailored to the age of children present. Adaptable – Presentations can be adapted to any size group.. Complete packages – Include a pre & post guide with lesson extensions.


Anthony Ware has been engaging audiences in places such as Baltimore, Northern Virginia, Delaware, Southern Pennsylvania and surrounding areas from the corporate world to private events, corporate function, school fundraisers, scout meetings and birthday celebrations with his unique blend of breath-taking magic and zany humor for more than 15 years.

Martin's Nutritionist

Maryland Zoo Mobile

The Zoo’s Outreach team brings educational, entertaining, and interactive programs to you! The Zoo’s Outreach team travel throughout Maryland and beyond, and present to a variety of audiences – at schools, day care centers, libraries, camps, senior centers, community events, and more. We look forward to sharing the wonder of wild life and wild places with you, too!

Mobile Mining

Mobile Mining Experience proudly provides fun & educational programs and experiences for "kids of all ages". Every program and activity we run has educational elements carefully designed into them. But, these programs are so much fun; few even realize they are learning things too. That’s not by mistake, it’s by design and it works! This clearly cost us more to do, but it provides true value and benefits that simply cannot be measured monetarily alone.


Moon Rocks 

Charles Roe, a Aeronautical Information Specialist in Silver Spring, MD is a NASA volunteer permitted to display NASA Moon rocks and Meteorites in Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, and local area through a STEAM outreach program. 

Samples Available for Educational Use
The NASA Astromaterials Curation Office, part of the Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science (ARES) Directorate, sponsors the following programs that make samples available for use by education institutions. The typical loan period for samples in these programs is 2 weeks.

For K-12 Schools
The Lunar and Meteorite Sample Education Disk Program provides K-12 teachers with 6-in diameter clear acrylic disks containing six samples of either Moon rocks or Meteorites. Each disk is accompanied by written and graphic descriptions of each sample in the disk, a PowerPoint presentation on CD, a teacher workbook, and additional printable material. This program is limited to schools located in the United States of America.
For Colleges And Universities
The Lunar and Meteorite Petrographic Thin Section Program provides 12 polished thin sections of samples from either the Lunar or Meteorite collections for colleges and universities with a curriculum in the geosciences. Teaching materials and a sample disk of representative lunar or meteorite samples, embedded in acrylic, accompany each set of 12 slides.
Contact Scouter Charles Roe at

Reptile World

The Reptile World program is designed to give AUDIENCES the opportunity to meet an interesting selection of live, large, colorful, and gentle reptiles from all over the world. Audiences enjoy discovering what reptiles are, what makes them different from birds and mammals, and how important they are in our environment. Many of the myths and misconceptions are dispelled, instilling a greater appreciation and understanding of these fascinating reptiles. The presentation also includes general characteristics, adaptation, and reptile importance in the food chain. The American alligator featured in the program is a wonderful example of a once endangered animal and the crocodile featured is representative species threatened with extinction. The keeping of reptiles as pets has become a popular rage in America. Mr. Shwedick teaches, stresses and reminds people that reptiles are instinctively wild animals. Many kinds of REPTILES are maintained at our facilities and may be added to make the program specific to your needs.

RoboLions Robotics

Scales and Tails  

Many people consider it a tremendous thrill to catch a glimpse of a mysterious owl as it flies across a dark country road at night, or to see a majestic hawk soaring high in the sky on a bright clear day. Fewer people have seen these creatures from merely a few feet away.
The Maryland Department of Natural Resources provides this opportunity to Marylanders every day. Scales & Tales, an environmental education program of the Maryland Park Service, affords people the opportunity to see live wildlife, mostly native to Maryland, up close and personal. This informative and entertaining program uses live non-releasable birds of prey and reptiles to promote stewardship of our wildlife and other natural resources. Through the stories, or "tales" of how these animals come into the care of the program, Scales & Tales naturalists discuss very important environmental issues, such as loss of habitat, environmental pollution, resource management and biodiversity.
Scales & Tales presents these educational messages to the people of Maryland on a regular basis. Through formal program presentations at parks, schools, community centers, senior centers, and other similar facilities, as well as wildlife displays at numerous fairs and festivals, Scales & Tales reaches hundreds of thousands of people every year.


Our mission is to help kids get excited about science through a unique opportunity to see liquid nitrogen in action. We travel to you, set up and education about multiple science concepts using liquid nitrogen.  Our concluding experiment is our favorite…creating nitrogen ice cream.

Westminster Astronomy Club 

Wildlife Education trunks from MDNR

The trunks come full of hands on stuff from hides to mock scat and a book full of activities and materials age appropriate for Cubs and up!