Klondike Derby Sled Plans

Every Webelos den needs to build a sled for the Klondike Derby.  Included on this page are the plans for one type of sled.  If you have a different set of plans email them to the Webmaster and they will be added to the Forms and Flyers section of the 4R Website.



2014 District Events
Date District Cub Scouts Boy Scouts OA Venturing
Jan 18   Klondike Derby Klondike Derby    
Mar 21-23

Scoutmaster Tng

Eagle Scout Coach Tng

  Merit Badge Madness    

March 29

April 5

SFF Bag Distro 

SFF Bag Pick up

Scouting for Food Scouting for Food   Scouting for Food
April 4-6       Spring Fellowship  
May 3 MEGA Training        
May 10       Bows & Barrels Bows & Barrels
May 16-18 IOLS Training        
May 17

BALOO Training

Fishing Derby      
May 24 Memorial Day Flags        
May 30- June 2       Ordeal  
June 9 District Dinner        
June 23-27   Day Camp      
September 6   Highland Games      
September 20 Ocean Conservency Cleanup        
October 4

MEGA Training

Kinder Farm Park Fest

October 10-12       Fall Fellowship  
October 17-19   Woodsmoke Woodsmoke    
November 7-9     Camporee    
November 8 Clean Sweep        
December 27 Jingle Bell Beaver Day        

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