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Carroll Chapter

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2016 Chapter Leadership
Chapter Chief Ryan Rippeon Carroll@nentico.org
Chapter Adviser Fred Dowell Carroll@nentico.org
Vice Chief of Program David Pape CarrollChapterOA@gmail.com
Program - Adviser Jason Pape CarrollChapterOA@gmail.com
Vice Chief of Inductions Sam Morrison carroll-inductions@googlegroups.com
Inductions - Adviser Jim Cornwell carroll-inductions@googlegroups.com
Vice Chief of Ceremonies Kyle Eilbacher carroll-ceremonies@googlegroups.com
Ceremonies - Adviser Michael Clark carroll-ceremonies@googlegroups.com
Ceremonies - Adviser Rich Meseke carroll-ceremonies@googlegroups.com
Vice Chief of OA Reps Zach Betz CarrollChapterOA@gmail.com
OA Rep - Adviser Danny Green CarrollChapterOA@gmail.com
Secretary Brady Bowen Carroll@nentico.org
Secretary - Adviser Ken Brown Carroll@nentico.org