Welcome Back ...

... to Carroll District’s new web page. Thanks to a complete upgrade of all BAC and District web sites, we once again have a working web page. Structural and stability problems with the old web page are gone and we now have a good looking, stable platform to work with.

As a genuine government bureaucrat once said “done is better than perfect”, so our first priority is to get this web site running in basic, non-sparkly form, and then build it up to a complete easy-to-use resource for our scouting family. That’s what you see here.

We’ll be working on this web site slowly but steadily over the next month or two making sure the right content gets added and stays current. While we do that, contact the District Publicity Chair if you have any suggestions or requests for content or design. YIS, 21 January 2016


Current Events and Information

  • Roundtable - February 9, 2016 at the Ag Center.  7:15pm Cub Scout side, 7:30pm Boy Scout side
    Camp Card distribution before the meeting at 6:30pm
    The bags for Scouting for Food will also be distributed at the meeting.  
  • The annual Carroll District swim program is underway. Contact Jack Lusby at Jacklusby9@gmail.com for information or see the link under “Activities” above
  • Scouting for Food is gearing up. Jack Lusby is leading the effort and we’ll have more information here when it’s available. Contact him at Jacklusby9@gmail.com for more information.
    Bag Dropoff - Sat Feb 27, Food Pickup - Sat Mar 5
  • The Day Camp staff active and working on registration and planning. Watch the information here and the link under “Activities” above for the latest information.
  • Tiger Fun Day and Webelos Woods are being worked on but we don’t have definite information to share yet.
  • The District Camporee was cancelled due to lack of interest. However, we are gathering information about opportunities to join other districts at their camporees. We’ll share what we know when we know it.



Carroll District Email Blast

Carroll District uses an email subscription list as the primary means for keeping our scouters informed about what’s going on in the district. It's where we tell folks about activities and when to sign up, invite you to attend recognition dinners, share important news, and lots of other stuff. If you ever had to tell someone, “But I didn’t know …”, you aren’t subscribed to the list. If you are willing to sign up for the list, and you REALLY REALLY should, use this link www.baltimorebsa.org/carroll/elists to create a Double Knot profile. If you ever registered for an event at Double Knot you probably already have one. Once you get into Double Knot:

  1. Click “My Account” in the upper right corner
  2. Click the “Subscriptions Tab” on your profile page
  3. In the “Include E-lists for” select “Carroll District”
  4. Check the box named “Carroll Newsletter”
  5. Check the box for anything else that interests you
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save Selection”

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