Happy Holidays to all,

Thanksgiving is that special time of the year when we pause to appreciate the blessings of the year and prepare for the holiday season.  The Baltimore Area Council is thankful to our many youth members, their families, our volunteer leaders and our financial supporters.  I trust that you have enjoyed your time and support of Scouting.

There is a good deal of “hustle and bustle” coming our way and we would like to make you aware of some neat holiday gift ideas that also help the Council.  Two companies have agreed to help our Scouting efforts with online gift programs.

Both are great stocking stuffers and could be gifts that go beyond the holidays.  One is a special solar powered flashlight that helps Scouting promote emergency preparedness and the other is from NFL Films that gives us the means to reminisce with football greats from yesteryear.

Ever need a light and find that the batteries are dead?  Being on a dark road at night is a bad place to have a flat tire and weak or no batteries – I am speaking from experience, coming home from an evening meeting. HybridLights offers a unique solar powered light with a battery backup.  Normal retail on these lights is $20 to $25 each.  However, we can offer them at a discount.  For more information on purchasing them, please visit http://www.hybridlightscouts.com/home/K6ND53 40% of the sales will go to help our Baltimore Area Council Scouting programs.

The Scout Motto is “Be Prepared”, Be Prepared with HybridLight, a solar powered flashlight with a battery backup. 

Are you ready for some “old school” football?  KEEPR and Tom Matte, former Baltimore Colt great and Eagle Scout, have teamed up with several NFL greats to help raise funds for the NFL Players Care Foundation.  Visit their website at www.keeprmedia.com and find the perfect gift for your football fan (or for you).  50% of the sale will come back to our Council.

Get ready for the big game and revisit yester-year with NFL greats like Johnny Unitas, Roger Staubach and Sonny Jurgenson.  Help Scouting and the NFL Player Care Foundation. To place your order call toll free 1-866-819-6110

Will you take 10 minutes and do this today?  Thank you for your continued support of Scouting!  Happy Holidays.

Brian Steger

Scout Executive, Baltimore Area Council