2022 Registration for Scouting for Food

March 19th- Tag Drop Off

March 26th- Food Pick-up

 Scouting for Food maps- For units

Scouting for Food Tips/Ideas

1.  Tie a rubber band on the hang tag and put around the mailbox.  This will avoid having to open the mailbox (a Federal offense) and the hang tag from blowing away.

2.  The Friday before SFF Day, stand at the entrances of neighborhoods where you will be picking up food with a sign reminding neighbors to put our their food.

3.  Place a bright color sticker on the back of the hang tag with more personalized messages.  

4.  Publicity helps.  Announcements can be placed in local papers saying that the drive is coming.

5.  Knock on doors and hand out the hang tags. This works better than leaving them out near the mail box.

6.  Have your neighborhood associations promote SFF in their newsletter.

7.  Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or Word of Mouth -- Promote SFF with all your neighbors and friends.

8.  Have local businesses promote Scouting for Food on their outdoor marquis and/or signs.


Carroll Sunday's Food Bank loves that we donate the food at this time of year.

It is a boost after the holiday donations. The variety that we bring in helps give Carroll Sunday's Food Bank patrons

something different then what the MD food bank always provides.

2021 Scouting for Food Results

2019 Scouting for Food Results