Welcome to the National Pike District, serving the youth of Howard County, MD

District Chair: Dwight Crone
District Commissioner: Jeff Seymour
District Director: Joe Azzarello, 443-573-2527 / jazzarello@baltimorebsa.org

  • Fall is Coming!
    In fact fall is almost here! Before we know it the kids will be back in school and Scouting will be back in full swing...
  • National Pike Bike Rodeo, 10/11/14
    Registration will open soon for the 2014 National Pike Bike Rodeo!!!
  • Super Cub Summer Passports are Here
    That is where the Super Cub Summer Passport comes in! Welcome to a great summer adventure of being a Cub. As a Cub Scout your child will have the opportunity to grow, learn and have fun doing Cub Scout activities! The Super Summer Passport program was designed to give you, your Cub Scout and your family an idea of the Cub Scouting program! Within this passport you and your son will find four different themes. Each theme was created to give your son a better understanding of himself and his surroundings. We are very aware that the current economy may create challenges for some households. With that in mind we have worked hard to provide a program that may be accomplished with little to no cost. To achieve the "Super Cub Summer Award," your Cub Scout must complete 2 activities from each theme and 4 additional activities for a total of 12. If your Cub completes 16 of the activities he will earn the "Super-Duper Cub Summer Award" and for those who complete the entire passport we will have a special "Extreme Cub Summer Award! " If available have your son tape, color, stick, draw, or stamp something from the activity in the box provided.
  • NCAC Youth Ambassador Program
    BAC Participation in the NCAC Youth Ambassador Program The BSA National Capital Area Council (NCAC) recently initiated a Youth Ambassador Program to help Scouts understand other cultures and experience International Scouting. BAC scouts are invited too. Many of the events and activities are held in or around Washington D.C. It's meant to be a continuing program, with activities every quarter of 2014 and in future years if successful.
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