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Harford District Membership Chairperson

Timothy S. Baker


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Back to School Night Recruiting Tips


RECRUITING SUPPLIES - If you have any displays or remaining supplies please bring them to Round Table tonight so we can reissue them to those supporting the remaining BTNS(s).

LESSONS LEARNED - After getting through the majority of BTSN(s) I can tell you that it is very helpful to have a Pack representative at the schools in your immediate area. More so, the identification with a familiar face is tremendous! Are your Pack families wearing Scouting clothing to BTSN?

Membership Recruiting Materials

Harford District Recruiting

1. 2014 Power Point Presentation

2. Harford District Recruiting Plan and Resource Guide

Cub Scout Recruiting

1. Ideal Year of Scouting (IYOLS) Cub Scout Guide

2. Family Talent Survey

3. Pack Leadership Inventory

4. 2014 Parent Orientation Guidebook (Example)

5. 2014 Journey to Excellence (JTE) Pack Scorecard

Boy Scout Recruiting

1. Year Round Guide to Boy Scouting Recruitment

2. Ideal Year of Scouting (IYOLS) Boy Scout Guide

3. Troop Open House

4. Webelos Recruiting Best Methods

5. 2014 Journey to Excellence (JTE) Troop Scorecard

2015 Unit Website

Download PowerPoint presentation from March Roundtable about Unit Website development

Link to BSA Unit Website Guidelines

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Brandon Gething

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