2017 Friends of Scouting






Harford District FOS Chairperson

Robert King 443-467-1974

Friends of Scouting is the one time each year when parents, volunteers, and Friends of the District are asked to contribute financially to support the Baltimore Area Council. 

Friends of Scouting funds go toward behind-the-scenes expenses the Baltimore Area Council incurs during the year that we are able to take advantage of. Examples of expenses include: Operating costs for the council camps, the Scout Shops and the Council Service Center; District and Council programs and activities (such as Day Camps and Camporees), Adult Leader Training,  and paid Accident and Sickness insurance coverage for all registered youth and leaders. Friends of Scouting donations also provide Campership Assistance for Scouts whose families would not otherwise be able to afford to have their child join Scouting or to send their child to camp. 

Questions? Contact our Friends of Scouting Chair, Robert King at

Thank You for your generous support of Friends of Scouting and the Baltimore Area Council! 



Matching Gift Program 

If you have made a pledge or plan to, consult these lists to see if your employers will double it.

Click for a list of MATCHING GIFT Companies

Dollars for Doers 

Dear Volunteers,

Many of you may not be aware of a great program that can help support the Scouting Movement here in Baltimore and specifically the Harford District.

The Program is called “The Dollars for Doers Program”.

The program is a way for your company to thank you for the volunteer service you provide to the local community by making a charitable contribution to a non-profit of your choosing based on your hours served.

The program does not ask you, the volunteer, for any additional funds to support scouting, as many of you already graciously give of your own money to help scouting progress into its next 100 years. It simply asks you to log the hours you already spend Scouting so your company can reward you and The Boy Scouts of America for your service.

We all know that the old adage of 1 hour a week for a Scouting volunteer is just ridiculous! Volunteers in Scouts serve countless hours to make sure that the young men we serve have the best program available. Below are some Scouting hour averages, just some food for thought:

Weekly meetings: 1.5—2 hours

Weekend camping trip (Friday-Sunday): 20 hours

Cub Scout Day Camp (Monday-Friday): 45 hours

Summer Camp Week (Sunday-Saturday): 84 hours

Certain companies, such as Verizon, will give a charitable gift of $750.00 for simply volunteering 50 hours a year with The Boy Scouts of America. This is money that can be used for things like maintaining camp, supporting scholarship programs the Baltimore Area Council has for scouts with financial hardships to register or to attend camp, and membership materials used to recruit new youth into this great program. In 2011 those membership resources recruited a 10% increase in Cub Scout youth into Scouting Units in Harford District.

Contained within this booklet is a list of all of the companies that we are aware of that support a “Dollars for Doers Program”. Please take some time to review the list to see if your company can reward you and The Boy Scouts of America for the countless hours you spend making sure our kids have what they need to succeed.

If your company does support the program, please email Brandon Gething ( to let him know as well as find out more information about how this helps support Scouts. Thank you for your dedication to the Scouting Program!!!

Click for a list of “DOLLARS FOR DOERS” Companies.

Simply contact your HR department to get the necessary paperwork. 


James E. West Award - Endowment 

Endowment is becoming an ever-growing program in the District and Council. By giving at least $1000.00 dollars to the endowment fund, you will help perpetuate scouting financially forever. You can do this through your will, your estate, cash, or stocks/bonds. Your money is invested in a high yield account and only the interest it generates is used. Therefore, your gift is giving to scouting forever.

A James E. West award is a wonderful way to honor the Eagle Scout in your family.

If you are interested in learning more about the Endowment program, please contact Brandon Gething or by telephone 443.573.2526