Webelos Woods -- Staffing 2021

Webelos Woods -- Staffing 2021
Registration Begins
8/31/2021 11:00 AM
Last Day To Register
10/4/2021 11:55 PM
1001 Chesterfield Rd
Annapolis, MD 21401, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

The Capitol District



October 8 to 10, 2021

Elks Camp Barrett, 1001 Chesterfield Rd

This is a Rain or Shine Event!

Please note that all BSA Troops / Crews / Ships are being asked to register separately, for head count purposes at this website. 

There is a charge for Troops/Crews/Ships.  $5 per scout, up to $50.  Covers patch, cleaning supplies and more.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  


General Information

Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts will participate in a day and evening schedule of advancement and fun, much like a Scout Camporee. Most of the activities are designed to help the Webelos and Arrow of Light Cub Scouts complete their required adventures prior to bridging. This year the Capitol District hopes to bring Webelos and Arrow of Light Cub Scouts another great overnight outdoor adventure. Registered participants will be presented useful items from each activity station, as well as an event collector's patch.

Every registered Webelos and Arrow of Light Scout will be accompanied by his/her guardian. Therefore, units may also speak to the adult guardians about your specific unit, while the rest of your scouts run the station activity.


Information For Troops/Crews/Ships/Posts

Participating Troops/Crews/Ships/Posts must bring their own tents, sleeping gear, food, cooking
gear and other equipment necessary for camping. Portable toilets are provided throughout the
camp. We will have a water container accessible near administration. Weather will not be an issue
for this event, so be prepared. Consider bringing chairs, fresh drinking water, bug
repellent and plan for a skit or song to perform for the campfire.  (Packs will be given preference,
but not all packs/dens participate in the skit/song portion.)

*While not required, it is encouraged that the Troops/Crews/Ships/Posts meet with their local pack
at some point during Webelos Woods.  Ideas include encouraging their camping with your unit,
helping to prepare a meal, etc.  Remember, that not all Arrow of Light Cub Scouts automatically
bridge to your unit.  Each year, several go "across" town to another unit.  Recruiting is encouraged.

Station Activities will include: B-B shooting, Archery, Saturday Night Campfire, Pack Competitions and much more. --

All station activities are facilitated by you, the sponsoring units... while sharing
information about your unit to the prospective scouts.


Station Choices

Troops, Crews, Ships and Posts Hosting a Station need to have their proposed station
approved FIRST by the Webelos Woods Director.  This is so that there are not two units
doing the same activity. 

Please see Webelos and Arrow of Light Adventure Requirements for Possible Station Ideas


Units wanting to sponsor a Shooting Sports station must Additionally have that range run by a certified BSA Archery or BBs range master (or USAA Level 1 Instructor and above, or NRA Rifle Instructor).  ** The Camp Director may need a paper copy of the BSA Certification or USAA or NRA certification at least two weeks in advance, to put into required Standards book.

No one under the age of 18 is permitted to actively coach or instruct a shooting sport...  Range staff can only be adults, and will need to be trained to help run the station under a certified range master.

Scouts are permitted to retrieve arrows, put bbs in a cup, and other non coaching tasks, including talking to the visiting parents about your unit.

The sponsoring unit MUST set up the shooting sports station on Saturday morning (approximately 7am in the morning), as well as break down the station on SATURDAY after all the rotations.  A pop up or other covering for the waiting / observing parents is recommended for each station.


To recap,

  1. Register your unit.
  2. Then please contact the Webelos Woods Director admin@webeloswoods.com regarding your FIRST (and possibly your SECOND) choice adventure / station activity.  
  3. The Webelos Woods Director MUST approve your unit's final station selection.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Please see page 21-22 of the SCOUTS BSA Staffing (Troops/Crews/Ships/Posts) Guide Book for station options.



SCOUTS BSA Staffing (Troops/Crews/Ships/Posts) Guide Book -- 

Please download if you are a registered Scouter from a Troop/Crew/Ship/Post or the OA Chapter Advisor attending Webelos Woods.



Each participant must have a BSA Health Form (A&B) on file (physically present at Webelos Woods) with their unit. 
Blank health forms can be found here

Each cub scout must have a BSA Activity/Event Form on file (physically present at Webelos Woods) with their unit. 
Blank Activity/Event forms can be found here.



Registration troubleshooting:  mkmvert@gmail.com


The very first question that doubleknot put in is "How many?"  Please just answer 1 (the registering adult) and go from there.  We are not sure why doubleknot auto entered that question.

POC is Casey Ward, admin@webeloswoods.com

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