Chesapeake DistrictDistrict Leadership


District Leadership

Key 3


Will Cameron District Executive
Casey Snyder Field Director
Shawn Sebo District Chairman
John Heuchan District Commisioner

Commitee Chairmain


Asst District-Chairman
Ron Tydings
Rob Carrigan

Committee Members-At-Large


Dan Albright
Vicki DeRuggiero Susan Iaconangelo John Schoeberlein
(Training Chair)
Arthur Betz Amy Doster Joe McGenney
(Merit Badge Dean)
Kevin Schroeder
Mary Branch
(Scouting for Food)
Magdelan Ernst
Deanna Medlin
Shawn Sebo
Fran Bullock
Tom Ernst
Ralph Miller
(OA Advisor)
Jim Spath
Kim Carrigan
Karen Gambrill

David Porter

Pat Swink
(Advancement Chair)
Robert Carrigan, Sr.
(Program and Activites)
Richard Gambrill Gary Preston
Wesley Thatcher
(Journey to Excellence)

Theresa D’Anna

Heather Harts'Horn
(Roundtable Commissioner)

Mary Anne Quinn Ron Tydings
Chris Dernoga John Heuchan Charles E Roe Denise Umphlett
Tony DeRuggiero Dick Hoerner Glenn Scanlon J.D. Urbach II

Commisioner Staff 


Chesapeake District Commissioner Staff 2017


Area 1   (Edgemere)

Robert Carrigan              Assistant District Commissioner
John Schoeberlein                Unit Commissioner

Area 2   (Dundalk)

Assistant District Commissioner
Glen Scanlon                      Unit Commissioner
Fran Bullock                       Unit Commissioner
Robert Carrigan                  Unit Commissioner


Area 3 (North Point)

                                                    Assistant District Commissioner
John Heuchan                Unit Commissioner


Area 4 (Essex)

Joe McGeeney               Unit Commissioner
Lea Albright                                   Unit Commissioner


Area 5 (Middle River)

                                                   Assistant District Commissioner
Fran Bullock                  Unit Commissioner
Wes Thatcher                Unit Commissioner
Mary-Anne Quinn          Unit Commissioner 


Area 6 (Chase)

Kevin Schroeder            Assistant District Commissioner
Steve Green                   Unit Commissioner
Dan Albright                   Unit Commissioner
Amy Doster                    Unit  Commissioner


Commissioner Staff—Roundtable

Heather Harts-Horn            Roundtable Commisioner 

                                                Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner
          Jim Barton                       Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner
          Robert Carrigan                Venturing Roundtable Commissioner


Commissioner Staff—Special Assignment

Rich Gambrill         Assistant District Commissioner - Special Needs
Dick Hoerner         Assistant District Commissioner - Youth Protection
Wes Thatcher        Assistant District Commissioner - Journey to Excellence
Kim Carrigan         Assistant District Commissioner - Religious Emblems
Robert Carrigan     Assistant District Commissioner - Religious Emblems





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