Hopkins District

Cub Scout Day Camp 2009

What:   Cub Scout Day Camp is an outdoor adventure. It is crafts, sports, nature and scout skills, but most of all, Day Camp is FUN! This year�s theme is Cubs in Space.

Who:    Any registered Cub Scout who is entering the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade and their parents/guardians.

When:   June 22nd to 26th, 2009 from 8:45am to 3:20pm daily. Camp begins at 9:00am sharp!

Where: Clifton Park � 2701 St Lo Drive; Baltimore, MD 21213

Cost: The cost for this BSA Day Camp includes a Cub Scout Day Camp shirt, a patch, a hat, crafts, equipment, sports, nature activities; a planned Cub Scout Day Camp program with BSA certified Camp and Program Directors, special Wednesday Family Night, and lots of other FUN activities. Because of the camp site and program features, the camp size will be limited. Please register by filling out the appropriate forms COMPLETELY and deliver them with ONE CHECK for the entire family, made payable to BSA/BAC, attached to the (required) Hopkins District Family Tally Sheet to your PACK. Please check with your pack as to their deadline for receiving all paperwork. Packs must turn in all applications belonging to a pack in a single group during May Roundtable on May 12th at Immanuel Lutheran Church � 5701 Loch Raven Blvd; Baltimore, MD 21239 (Next to Good Samaritan Hospital)

            Fees are detailed on the attached Cub Scout Application Form. NO REFUNDS SHALL BE MADE.

Volunteers:    In order to run this camp and keep the boys safe, adult volunteers are a must! Please consider volunteering to help us provide the best program for the Cub Scouts. Not only will this save you money on the program, it will also assure that we meet the BSA requirement of two-deep leadership.

            To make sure that there are enough volunteers to keep the boys safe, it is necessary to implement volunteer quotas. Therefore, there is a mandatory volunteer quota needed from each pack participating in camp. For every 4th Cub Scout or Webelos registered for camp, the Pack will have to provide a minimum of ONE 5-DAY adult volunteer for that week of camp. That volunteer can be a Station Volunteer or Den Volunteer. For example, your Pack sends up to 3 boys, there is no mandatory volunteer needed. At boy 4, a minimum of ONE 5-DAY volunteer is needed. Boys 5 through 7 can attend without any additional MANDATORY volunteers. At the 8th boy, a 2nd volunteer is required, etc. To prevent shortages in 5-day volunteers, no shared leadership is offered this year. Parents may split the week as volunteers but will be classified as one 3-day volunteer and one 2-day visitor with the discount based on the 3-day volunteer.


       Adult volunteers are classified into one of the following categories:

   Administration � These are the camp directors, program directors, facilities manager, cubmaster, nurse, secretary and crew chief. Must be a 5-day volunteer.

   Station Volunteers � These are the adults that manage and run the individual stations at camp (Adventure, Slingshots, Science, Arts and Crafts, etc�) The Camp Directors will choose a Station Director for each station. Must be a 5-day volunteer.

   Squad Leaders � These are the designated adults in charge of each squad of 8-10 boys. There is one squad leader for each squad. Two squads rotate with each other at all times. Must be a 5-day volunteer. NO shared leadership between parents.

   Den Walkers � These are the helpers for the Squad Leaders. They will assist the Squad Leaders in any way needed. May be a 3, 4, or 5-day volunteer.

   Visitors- All other volunteers are classified as visitors. Must sign in at the Administration Desk upon arrival at camp. May be a 1 or 2-day volunteer.

   The following table specifies the requirements for each of the volunteer categories:


BSA Registration Required

Youth Protection Training Required




Station Volunteer



Squad Leader



Den Walker



            If you wish to volunteer for any of the categories where BSA Registration is required, please make sure you are registered with your Pack or Troop. See your Cubmaster or Committee Chair if you are not sure. (If you receive the Scouting Magazine every other month, then you are registered.) If you are not registered, you must get registered in a Pack or Troop position by May 30th, 2009.

Please complete the attached Adult Application Form in its entirety including the Medical Form and attach copies of BSA registration cards, youth protection certification cards, and medical certification cards, where applicable. These are standards required to pass camp inspection, so your assistance is appreciated.

Training will be provided for all 3, 4, and 5-day volunteers. Ideally, Cub Scout slots will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Volunteering does not ensure your Scout a slot, but when space is limited, priority will be given to Scouts with 5-day volunteers. All 3, 4, and 5-day volunteers will be given a shirt and hat to identify them to the Scouts as leaders. Squad Leaders are to report at 8:30am to their designated area each morning to handle the sign-in process. Station Volunteers and Administration personnel are to report to their assigned station at 8:30am and prepare for the start of camp. All other volunteers are to report to the Main Field for opening ceremonies. Any adult volunteering less than 3 days is considered a VISITOR and must sign in at the administrative desk and wear a special ID.

All 3, 4, and 5-day volunteers will be required to attend a MANDATORY training session. The training date is:

Tuesday, June 16th from 6:30-8:30pm at the Scout Office (Dinner will be served!)

A trained Day Camp leader is a happy Day Camp leader. Please mark this date on your calendar.





Youth Protection Training can be found online at www.baltimorebsa.org at the Training Link. 

Youth Crew: All youth over 14 years of age and all registered Boy Scouts will be classified as a member of our Youth Crew and will be assigned to a Station as determined by the Youth Crew Chief according to the needs of the camp.

Medical: The attached Medical Form is required for every Adult volunteer, Cub Scout, and Youth Crew application.

Notes:   All scouts attending camp MUST be registered with your Pack. This will be verified by council. There are no provisions for child care after 3:20pm., so please sign-out and pick-up your child promptly by this time. The Camp Directors cannot leave until all Scouts are signed out after the Closing Program. To avoid abuse of the pick-up time, the camp charges for pick-ups past Camp hours. The LATE PICK-UP POLICY is as follows: if a Scout is not signed out and picked up by 3:30pm, there will be a $10.00 charge for every 10 minute increment the parent or designated pick-up person is late (the 1st charge occurring at 3:30pm; i.e. 3:30=$10, 3:40=$20, etc�). The payment must be made by cash or check made payable to BSA/BAC at the time of the late pick-up.


Processing:    If your camp application is incomplete, i.e. not submitted with the REQUIRED tally sheet, missing medical forms, or missing information on the forms, we will contact the Pack to track down the missing information. Please send completed applications in order to expedite registration for your Scout. ONE check per family should be submitted attached to the Family Tally Sheet. This year the Baltimore Area Council is requiring us to submit all checks with this form so that they may verify that all Scouts and Leaders (as applicable) are registered. Applications should be submitted to your Pack for submission on the Hopkins District Turn-in Dates. Including the Family Tally Sheet, attach the forms in the following order:

         Family Tally Sheet (totaled with one check attached)

         Cub Scout Application Form(s) (with completed Medical Forms)

         Adult Application Form(s) (with completed Medical Forms)

         Youth Crew Application Form(s) (with completed Medical Forms)

If you have any questions and your Cubmaster or Committee Chair cannot answer them, please feel free to contact the Day Camp Program Director � Nadine Finigan via email at nfinigan1@netzero.com. We will respond as soon as possible.



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