Hopkins District

Cub Scout Day Camp 2009

Dear CubMaster or Committee Chair:

Please review all of the Day Camp pages under the Cub Scout Day Camp Header for information regarding the Hopkins District Cub Scout Day Camp. The theme for this year is Cubs in Space and camp this year will be held at Clifton Park (2701 St Lo Drive; Baltimore, MD 21213). Your Cub Scouts will be excited to attend camp from June 22nd to 26th, 2009.

Time is of the essence with the information enclosed in this packet. Some Packs will have received this information at the District April Roundtable and others will have received this information in the mail. All information and forms will also be available online at the Hopkins website (www.baltimorebsa.org/hopkins). Our camp has received numerous inquiries so to give all Packs an equal chance of registering their scouts, please submit the applications by the deadline. Our application turn-in day is May 12. Registration will close on May 13.

This procedure has been implemented to give all packs the opportunity to distribute the Day Camp information to interested Cub Scouts, Leaders, Adults, and Boy Scouts. As such, it is important that you get this information out ASAP to interested parties. All packs are encouraged to hand deliver their applications on the turn-in day. DO NOT DELIVER THEM TO THE SCOUT SERVICE CENTER, HELP DESK, OR SCOUT STORE! IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT ALL OF YOUR APPLICATIONS BE SUBMITTED TOGETHER, AT THE SAME TIME, TO HAVE A BETTER CHANCE OF GETTING ALL YOUR BOYS IN CAMP AND GROUPED TOGETHER BY RANK.

The responsibilities of the pack are as follows:

*      To promote Day Camp within your Pack

*      To copy, as necessary, and distribute the enclosed materials to all interested Cub Scouts, Leaders, Adults, and Boy Scouts. Please supply copies of all pages to interested families.

*      To impress upon parents that this is an ALL VOLUNTEER camp. To make sure that there are enough volunteers to keep the boys safe, it is necessary to implement volunteer quotas. Therefore, there is a mandatory volunteer quota needed from each pack participating in camp. For every 4th Cub Scout or Webelos registered for camp, the Pack will have to provide a minimum of ONE 5-DAY adult volunteer for that week of camp. That volunteer can be a Station Volunteer or Den Volunteer. For example, your Pack sends up to 3 boys, there is no mandatory volunteer needed. At boy 4, a minimum of ONE 5-DAY volunteer is needed. Boys 5 through 7 can attend without any additional MANDATORY volunteers. At the 8th boy, a 2nd volunteer is required, etc� IT IS THE CUBMASTER�S RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT ENOUGH VOLUNTEERS ARE PRESENT BASED ON THE NUMBER OF BOYS COMING TO CAMP. WE WILL BE UNABLE TO PROCESS APPLICATIONS FOR PACKS THAT DO NOT MEET THIS CRITERIA.

*      It may not be possible to place scouts without the adult volunteers needed. Please note that once staffing needs are met in the program areas, other volunteers will be assigned to squads. Where possible, we will place those parents with boys from their own pack.

*      To remind parents that any incomplete registration packets will be put aside until missing information is supplied. We will contact you to track down this missing information, i.e., missing payment, medical forms, etc.

*      To stress the importance for adult volunteers to submit copies of their BSA Registration Certification Cards, Youth Protection Certification Cards, CPR Certification Cards, and any other Nurse, MD, or other First Aid Certification Cards with their submitted application.

*      To verify that each boy and leader that registered for Day Camp is a registered Scout or Leader in your Pack.

   When the applications are distributed, please stress the registration policy listed above and also that NO applications will be accepted by fax as we are legally required to have original signatures on all documents. Hopkins Day Camp Family Tally Sheet must be included with all submitted applications with one check made payable to BSA/BAC for the entire family. The District Council requires us to submit payment with this form to the Council. Therefore, any application submitted without this form will not be processed. If any information is missing from the applications, we will contact the Cubmaster or Designee to track down the missing information. 

            Applications are not to be sent to the Council office. Please advise interested parents to send only fully COMPLETED applications in order to expedite registration for your Scout. Including the Family Tally Sheet, attach forms in the following order:

*      Family Tally Sheet (totaled with one check attached)

*      Cub Scout Application Form(s) (with completed Medical Forms)

*      Adult Application Form(s) (with completed Medical Forms)

*      Youth Crew Application Form(s) (with completed Medical Forms)

Checks or Money Orders should be made payable to BSA/BAC. All forms and fees should be hand delivered at the May Roundtable on May 12th at Immanuel Lutheran � 5701 Loch Raven Blvd; Baltimore, MD 21239 (Next to Good Samaritan Hospital)



The Hopkins District Day Camp website will be updated with information and the lists of Achievements earned detailing the Rank Advancement Activities completed by each rank of Cub Scouts are made available for downloading and printing once camp is completed. Additionally, extra forms may be downloaded from the website.

For the Cubmaster�s use only, you may reach us via email at nfinigan1@netzero.com or at my home phone number at 410-366-7757 with any questions or if you need additional help. Remember as Cubmaster or Committee Chair, we expect all communication to go from us to you or your designee and vice versa, not to each individual Scout or Leader in your Pack! We look forward to working with you.

Yours in Scouting,

Nadine Finigan

Hopkins District Day Camp Program Director

Pack Checklist

Please submit with your pack�s applications!


Name of Cubmaster/Designee: ________________________________________

Pack#: ________________   Phone:___________________________________

Email: ___________________________________________________________


o       Tally Sheet ($$ Total should match Application Total $$)


o       Rank is verified for each Cub Scout Applicant

If the scout was a Tiger this year, he will be a Wolf next year. If the scout was a Wolf this year, he will be a Bear next year. If the scout was a Bear this year, he will be a Webelos I next year. If the scout was a Webelos I this year, he will be a Webelos II next year. If the scout was a Webelos II this year, he will be a Boy Scout next year and is welcome to apply to camp as a Youth Crew. However, Webelos will be considered on a case by case basis for Youth Crew positions.


o       Completed and signed medical forms are included for all participants and volunteers.


o       Youth protection card copies are attached for all Adults who register for STATION positions or as Squad leaders.


o       BSA Registration Card copies are attached for all Adults who register for STATION positions


o       Confirm there are sufficient MANDATORY 5-DAY volunteers based on the number of Cubs/Webelos scouts attending camp


o       I made copies of all applications turned in to me in case of questions or lost paperwork


o       All Adult volunteers are aware of the training to attend on June 16th.


o       All Adult volunteers have chosen either STATION VOLUNTEER/SQUAD leader/den walker and requested areas of responsibility


o       All applications have selected a shirt size for their camp uniform


I have checked all of the above and the applications are correct to the best of my ability:


Signed: ___________________________________ Date: ____________________



 Hopkins District BAC-BSA - 701 Wyman Park Drive, Baltimore MD 21211 - Phone (443)-573-2527 -
Fax (443)-573-2627