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There are many exciting opportunities for Scouts and Scouters to attend programs at Philmont Scout Ranch and Philmont Training Center each year. 

Philmont Training Center

If you are interested in attending a training program at Philmont, please contact your District Training Chairperson or District Executive for details on the opportunities available at the Philmont Training Center.

Philmont Scout Ranch  

Philmont's signature program is the High-Adventure Expedition. Available each summer from early June to late August each 12-day expedition provides opportunities for participants to:

  • Explore the high country in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of northern New Mexico.
  • Experience the thrill of climbing mountains over two miles high.
  • Participate in a wide array of activities that teach Scouting skills—archaeology, backpacking, camping, climbing, fishing, forestry, horsemanship, Indian lore and much more.
  • Develop leadership, group dynamics, wilderness problem-solving and outdoor skills.

Units may participate in the Philmont Lottery, or the Baltimore Area Council Contingent Lottery, for an opportunity to bring unit crews to Philmont. Units are not allowed to send crews to Philmont in consecutive years, through either lottery system. Both Boy Scout Troops and Venturing crews may participate in these lotteries.  

The Philmont-direct lottery is available each Fall for Units who wish to sign up their unit directly with Philmont. Because of the great demand for these crew slots, there is always a long waiting list. Successful lottery applicants are not limited to one crew when applying to Philmont directly. These Units are responsible for arranging their own training, travel and other logistics. For information on applying for the web-based Philmont-direct lottery, email Philmont at or call 575-376-2281.

The Baltimore Area Council sends two contingents to Philmont each summer, typically in early July. Each contingent is comprised of up to eleven crews that participate in a lottery to fill crew slots allocated to the Council by Philmont. Each unit is limited to one crew slot in the contingent lottery. The Council contingent lottery takes place in March each year for the following year, with applications available on the contingent website in February.

Visit the contingent website at This website contains information and links for all Units preparing for Philmont, and information and applications for Units and individuals participating in the BAC Philmont contingents each year and contact information for the Philmont committee.

There are opportunities for individual Scouts to apply for many unique programs at Philmont Scout Ranch including Trail Crew Trek, Rayado Trek, R.O.C.S. (Roving Outdoor Conservation School), National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience, Order of the Arrow Trail Crew, Mountain Treks, Ranch Hands and PhilBreak.

Contact Philmont via phone or email for more information on these programs or check the BSA Philmont website under "High Adventure - Individual Programs" at