Under the leadership of a volunteer board made up of Baltimore's top business and community leaders, the Baltimore Area Council is the gold standard for non-profits in programmatic and financial strength.


Cindy Atkinson

Karen Auwaerter

Vic Bernson

F. Barry Bilson

Stephen Blake 

John Boia 

David Gibbons*

Jim Olson

Brian L. Steger

Paul Madden, Esq.

Brian Brooke

Gary Cearfoss

Mary Lou Coyle 

Robbie DiBiagio 

Dan Dinkin

Tracy Estep 

James Ficke 

Pam Fleagle

Vicki Franz

David A. Gibbons, Esq.

Mark Gillet 

Barry Gossett 

Jim Grant

Al Hathaway 

Frances A. Hensen 

George Hill, MD

Ira K. Himmel, Esq.

David Hodnett, Esq

John Holdaway

Mike Huneke

Miguel Inglesias 

Steve Johnston 

Jack Kidd

Nicholas Klein 

Paige Leary 

Marianne J. Lee

Bill Leimbach

Jay Lenrow, Esq. 

Daniel G. Lentz

Steve Linkous

Barry Luciani 

Brian Macari

Paul Madden

David Marks

Alfred "Burt" Marsh

Brian McGettigan

Bruce McMillin

Skip Miller

Charles Morgan

Mark Mulligan

Arnett Mumford

Mike Nueman

Tom O'Dwyer

Jim Olson

Tom Owsley, Esq. 

Ramon Palmer

Del Parks

Tenyo Pearl

Russ Phelps

Gary Pushkin, MD

Mark Ring

Henry A. Rosenberg, Jr. 

Howard Rutherford

Doug Sawyer

Joe Scott

Shawn Sebo

Jeff Seymour

William "Trey" Shupert

Brian Steger

Mike Stockard

Michael Sullivan

Peter Tridone

Mary Beth Tung

Lindsey Welsh

Barry F. Williams

Steve Woerner

Del. Pat Young




*Past Board Chairman


Executive Committee

Council President: Bruce McMillin
Commissioner: Jeff Seymour
CEO & Scout Executive: Brian Steger
Immediate Past Council President: William "Trey" Shupert
Treasurer: Mike Nueman
F. Barry Bilson Charlie Morgan
Pam Fleagle Jim Olson
David Gibbons Tom Owsley, Esq.
Mark Gillett Del Parks
Barry Gossett Gary Pushkin, MD
Fran Henson Henry A. Rosenberg, Jr.
David Hodentt, Esq. Doug Sawyer
Steve Johnston Mike Stockard
Jay Lenrow, Esq. Mike Sullivan
Brian Macari Barry. F Williams
Paul Madden Steve Woerner

* New Board Members
*** Appointed Youth Representative to Board of Directors


District Chairs

John Boia

Four Rivers District

Stephen Blake

Thurgood Marshall District

Nicholas Klein

Carroll District

Jack Kidd

Hopkins District

Dan Dinkin

Arrowhead District

Daniel Lentz

National Pike District

Tracey Estep

Reginald F. Lewis District

Tom O'Dwyer

Dulaney District

Jim Grant

Harford District

Del. Pat Young

Exploring/Learning For Life


The Capitol District

Shawn Sebo

Chesapeake District


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Baltimore Area Council

701 Wyman Park | Baltimore MD | 21211
(443) 573-2500

Broad Creek Memorial Scout Reservation
1929 Susquehanna Hall Road | Whiteford, MD | 21160


 Schapiro Scout Service Center (Council headquarters)
Monday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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