The National Pike Team

Your National Pike District Team is here to serve you.
Feel free to contact them for assistance with your unit operations.

Executive Commitee

District Chairman Jim Olson 410-456-1417
District Commissioner Jeff Seymour 443-562-4744
Senior District Executive Brendan Canale 443-573-2527
Vice Chair for Administration VACANT  
Nominating Committee Paul Goldenberg 301-837-2821
Vice Chair for Chairman VACANT  - 
Vice Chairwoman of Membership Lisa Macek 410-302-5256
Vice Chair for Program & Activities Douglas Miller
Camping & Outdoors Chairman Dan Lentz
Advancement & Recognition Chairperson Renee Seymour 443-562-4991
Training Chairman Ed Marsh (410) 599-6864
Civic Service VACANT  - 
District Committee Secretary Roy Ferguson 410-730-0484
Public Relations Lynn Galloway



Vice-Chair for Finance VACANT  - 
Endowment Chair George Mader  
Community Friends of Scouting Chair Don Dearie  
Family Friends of Scouting Chair Cole Schnorf (410) 404-1499
Family Friends of Scouting Coordinator Donna Smith 443-838-9150
Popcorn Kernel Marianne Lee 410-598-9938
Camp Cards Dan Lentz


Vice-Chair for Program & Activities Douglas Miller
Webelos-O-Ree Chair Steve Tessier
Scouting For Food Chair Sori Meredith
Klondike Derby Chair Bud Hunt
Fishing Tournament Chair Anna Katz
Bike Rodeo Chair Kathy Myers
Program Launch Howard Weiss 410-707-2758
Adventuree/VOA Jeff Burt
Council Day Camp Director Don Campbell  
Cub Scout Day Camp Director Mike Taylor
We Remember Jeff Seymour 443-562-4744
Interfaith Committee Rep Maria Esquela
International Committee Rep Maria Esquela


See also Executive Committee above

Vice Chairwoman for Membership Lisa Macek
Cub Scout Recruiting Chair Jennifer Taylor 443-225-8260
Boy Scout Recruiting Chair    
Venturing Recruiting Chair Jeff Burt
New Unit Organization Chair VACANT  - 
Back To School Chair Jennifer Taylor 443-225-8260
Transition to Boy Scouting Chair Carol Shuster


Advancement & Recognition

See also Executive Committee

Advancement Chair Renee Seymour 443-562-4991
Merit Badge Dean Ron Whitehead
District Award of Merit Joel Meredith


Eagle Project Review Sub-Committee VACANT  - 
Life To Eagle Renee Seymour 443-562-4991

Camping and Outdoors

See also Executive Committee

Camping and Outdoors Chairman Dan Lentz
Order of the Arrow Chapter Adviser Ed Marsh
High Adventure Promotion Cliff Lee



See also Executive Committee

District Training Chairman Ed Marsh (410) 599-6864
Training Staff
Cub Scout Training Coordinator Ted Odenthal
Boy Scout Training Coordinator Paget Donnelly
Venturing Training Coordinator Sean Griffin
Red Cross CPR/AED & First Aid Paul Goldenberg


Other Representatives and Contacts

BAC Field Director Andrew Zilnik


Interested in joing the District Leadership?  Contact any of the above Chairs for more information!