Older Boy Programs

The following program activities for older Scouts are offered each week at Camp Saffran.

Scouts must be at least 14 years old.  This is a week-long course for the beginner ATV rider.  Participants must have a long sleeved shirt, pants and boots.  Participants will receive an ASI training card.

Discover SCUBA
Scouts must be at least 13 years old and pass the swimmer test to participate. Run by our friends at York Divers, this program will have all participants in the water with gear and serves as a great orientation to the full SCUBA program. Discover SCUBA will be run at the Saffran pool.  Limited space available. 
Time: Wednesday evenings for two hours. 


Project C.O.P.E. (all week)
For Scouts who are at least 13 years old and older, the challenge of the C.O.P.E. course is varied and can be a great test. The challenges are physical as well as mental. The Broad Creek C.O.P.E. course offers 19 different challenge stations. The program is run either each morning or afternoon depending on scheduling. The sessions are limited to 24 Scouts each. 

Waterfront Trek
This Trek meets every afternoon and is designed around 4 separate Kayaking and Canoeing Mini Treks, each tacking place on the waterways surrounding Broad Creek.  One afternoon will be spent on sailing instruction.  Participants will return to Camp for evening activities each night.  This means Unit’s older youth leadership will be in the campsite providing leadership through the course of your stay.  Participants must be 13 years of age, be a swimmer and have the swimming merit badge.

Paddle Craft and Aquatics Supervision Certification
These certifications are hard to get outside of a summer camp, so please take advantage while at Broad Creek!  Participants must be 16 years of age or older.  Adults are also welcome to sign up for these classes. 

NOVA Award
Scouts will have the opportunity to work on different aspects of the STEM NOVA award during their stay.  Scouts will not be able to earn the entire award, but we will be offering a fun program showcasing the some of the cooler award requirements.

Leave No Trace Trainer
Scouts and Scouters will have the chance to become certified as a Leave No Trace Trainer!


Mar 15 - Early Bird Ends for Scouts BSA Summer Camp

Apr 19-21 - Camp Closed - Easter

May 18-19 - Cub Scout Spring Family Weekend

May Roundtables - Camp Card Settlements

May 24-26 - Camp Closed - Memorial Day

June 15 - Early Bird Ends for Cub Scout Summer Camp

June - August - Summer Camp

Aug 30-Sept 2 - Camp Closed - Labor Day

Nov 1-3 - Fall Family Weekend

Nov 1-3 - Orienteering Day

Nov 29-Dec 1 - Camp Closed - Thanksgiving

Dec 20-22 - Camp Closed - Christmas

Dec 27-29 - Camp Closed - Jingle Bell Beaver Day