Role of the ScoutParents Unit Coordinator

All units are encouraged to appoint at least one ScoutParents unit coordinator who will serve as a registered member of the unit?s committee or as one of its assistant unit leaders. The coordinator will complete the adult volunteer application and pay the annual $10 registration fee. Coordinator will go through the regular adult background check like all other registered leaders. Larger units may have more than one person serving in this key position. For registration purposes the code for ScoutParent unit coordinator will be PC. 

The ScoutParents unit coordinator welcomes all parents to the unit and keeps them informed by doing the following:

  1. Assign parents to help with at least one specific task, assignment, or project annually.
  2. Provide an orientation for all parents about how the unit works and benefits to their family.
  3. Keep parents updated on the unit?s program and their child?s involvement.

This position will help involve more adults with the unit?s program, thus creating a better informed group of parents connected to their child?s Scouting experience. The support and commitment of parents directly affects the quality of the unit?s program, and provides a more meaningful experience for everyone, especially the Scouts!

Fast Start training will be available for all ScoutParents unit coordinators. Access the training by going to the official ScoutParents Web Site; the national Web Site,; or the online learning site, This training will assist them in understanding their position and learning how to work closer with the parents in their unit.

When the new ScoutParents unit coordinator is officially registered, they will receive and e-mail from the National Council welcoming them to the program and encouraging them to go to the ScoutParents Web site for more details and support.

Each registered ScoutParents unit coordinator will be encouraged to create a MyScouting account, giving them access to other resources to support their efforts. This access will also give them the ability to print a member roster of the parents in their unit who are active ScoutParents.


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